Are We a Light in the Dark (Or a Darkened Light)

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Every time you stay seated instead of taking a stand, every time you choose comfort over truth, every time you choose the easy way instead of the right way, you take a step away from the most beautiful way.

If you have spent your time, sitting pretty, trying to look good, to impress the world, to fulfill the obligations of religion, who are you fooling?

The world knows how you really are.

God knows all about your little secret.

Humility is the beginning of learning because before you can learn anything, you have to admit that you don’t know everything.

When you stop being impressed with the superficial and the political you take a step toward reality.

When you leave your comfort zone, the people who only tell you what you like to hear, you will feel a little tinge of terror, but the road forward draws nearer.

It is far too easy to spend your days talking, but talking about faith doesn’t get you far unless you are willing to start walking in it.

Reaching across the divide is uncomfortable. Building community is hard.

Moving ahead means stumbling, falling, getting back up and climbing.

Relationships are rarely a reflection of blissful Hollywood perfection. Sure, they are a sinner, but are we any better?(If you are perfect, what would we find out if we talked to your neighbor?)

Humility is strong medicine, but through it we find healing. It is far easier to stay the same, back in the pit where we’ve always been. But if we want to start growing, we’ve got to be willing to do some changing. We can’t grow and stay the same.

When the world is darkening…it’s easier to build ourselves a prison…some walls to hide behind. Anyone can point out that the ship is sinking…anyone can point out that we’re lost. But what we need is another messenger….someone who can explain the way to something other.

Are we are a part of the problem or are we a part of the healing?

What are we doing?

The only thing worse than change is staying the same.

What are we thinking?

The only thing worse than ignorance is refusing to learn.

The world needs direction back to the road of civilization. It’ll be hard…but violence and war are harder.

The world needs some good news, will you be a messenger?

Some will hate what we say…but in love, will we show them?

Do we want our communities to rot because of apathy and indifference…or will we pay the price to make a difference?

Are we happy where things are? Or do we want something better?

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