Letters to Someone, Somewhere

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Even as summer falls to winter

I remember laughing in warmer weather


and running

in the dreams we wished would come true

even as the world turns

spinning like a top into a wall

I remember when our lives had value

somethings we considered true

and love

love was preserved in a portrait of me and you

silhouettes in black & white

in those days we believed in something beyond our sight

why did you lose your faith

when I heard the news I couldn’t breathe

where are we now

but a memory, another faded leaf

in the carpet of fall

and I know you’re still out there

going your own way into the chill of winter

and I know our dreams aren’t over

even if you don’t believe them

they are only broken bodies awaiting resurrection


I know you’re out there

you can only run so far from a whispered prayer

you may say I’m being oh so typical

but miracles were made for the cynical

someday the winds will turn to anticipation

like a child running

like innocence returning

the fires of God will begin melting

away the winter that grips the world

and you will be here again

embracing our vision

am I fool to dream

or am I crazy to give up hope

the moment before everything comes true

for you

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