Wisdom (Woman)

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

If humans are basically good

why is the world full of violence?

My son, look for that proverb woman

If all we need is a little more knowledge

why do scientists spend their time building bigger weapons?

My son, search for Wisdom like a treasure

If we are waiting for a politician to be our savior

why does he do all the things that we need saving from?

My son, she is out there, dancing in light, a life giver

If we are waiting for violence to bring us peace

when has a lie ever lead us to the truth?

My son, if you want her, you must pursue her as a lover

chases his bride

If feelings are our truth

our truth will always change, morphing into confusion

My son, if you must, give your life for her

if only to hear the bells of her laughter

as she opens the door

of your mind

with a proverb

another line of a poem


into a glass picture

of something beyond

what you always knew

My son, if you are looking for peace

she carries the crystal vial

the girl with the golden smile

if you can win her hand

don’t trade it for this dirty world

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