Truth and Lies! (Clickbait Title: How to Lose 10 Pounds…Before the End of the World!)

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What is the value of truth?

Since truth equals reality, the value of truth is the same as reality.

Reality isn’t a feeling.

Reality is not what you really wish were real.

Reality can not be defined on the whim of a human. A radical idea for some. However, if you doubt this, boil some water. Close your eyes and believe really hard that the water is lukewarm. Stick your hand into the water and you will soon discover the reality of your situation.

Sometimes the truth hurts…just like reality does. However, it hurts more if you try to pretend that it doesn’t exist.

Picture the woman who wanted to believe that her abusive other would change…but he never does…and so do the bruises and the pain.

Picture the man who ignores the reality of the cancer test…until it is too late to start treatment.

Acknowledging reality and dealing with it would be painful but not as painful as persisting in wishful thinking.

To bring this into our current reality. We are witnessing a presidential race the likes that hasn’t been seen in a while. Many other people are covering this so I won’t belabor it. The issue I would like to discuss here is the blatant censorship by bloated corporations.

Recently, a story about one of the candidates whose last name begins with B was released by a major news outlet in the U.S.. This was a reputable outlet and the information about corruption was verified. an important piece of information when considering who to vote for. However, social media outlets quickly began aggressively censoring this. So much so that people in the U.S. had and continue to have a difficult time reading this important story.

People who share this story have had their Youtube and twitter accounts frozen and so on. The story has been labeled as dangerous…and so it is, to the candidate whom it names. The candidate who does not even deny the facts of the story in question!

Now, we must be realistic. A vigorous debate of ideas is healthy and constructive. Blocking the truth because it interferes with our idea of what we wish reality would be, is not constructive.

Lies keep us enslaved.

I can quit any time, honest.

He just hits me because he had a bad childhood.

If I just give him what he wants, he’ll go away. He promised he would.

A better answer is, no! That’s enough!

The truth is what sets us free.

Do we really believe that these multi-million dollar corporations are practicing censorship so that people can be free?

Do we really want to give more power to already bloated corporations?

Is giving fat technology CEOs another boat for Christmas…social justice?

Do yourself a favor. Look past the surface issues. Look deeper than the hype and the name calling. Look up the stories I referenced. Ask yourself why powerful people want them squashed. No matter what party you belong to, do you really want to live in 1984?

Censorship is not progressive. It is the last resort of the power hungry and greedy. It is as old-fashioned and out of date as the communist society where it festers like a record player in a digital age.

We must base our lives on truth.

We need to seek the truth and allow it to be spoken to us.

We must never let the truth be smothered. For without the truth, we are at the mercy of someone else’s lie.

There ya have it, the truth as I see it. It’s not the same as the click bait title…but what story ever is?

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