The Christmas That Everything Went Wrong

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We were set to perform this as a live event at the Anglican church pictured in the video below. However, with code red restrictions we had to cancel those plans. We had fun with this story, so we recorded it as an old time radio show. I added pictures just for kicks. If the story below interests you, tune in.

Historical note. The Anglican Church referenced in the story was actually a center for talent shows and concerts during the 1920s and 30s.

The day started out okay. There was money in hand and it seemed that the holiday would be a happy one. However, this hope was soon dashed by one setback after another. Pa was normally an optimistic soul but he couldn’t help but wonder if the words of his nemesis, Brian, were right. After everything that he had given to his community, what did he have to show for it? Nothing. Still, his daughter Adrienne had a plan to beat Brian at his own game. Would it work? Pa was skeptical, but he was willing to give it a try. After all, it was Christmas, something had to be done if they wanted a holiday to remember. As it turned out, the results of their actions would surprise them all.

A lighthearted historical holiday story by Kelvin Bueckert.

Featuring the voice talents of:
Brian Driedger
Adrienne Driedger
Robyn Semler
Kelvin Bueckert

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