My Encounter With a Dragon

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What an idiot! What a fool! These were the thoughts circling like vultures in my mind. Without warning, the sound of violent knocking burst through the dark curtain of my brooding. Thunder boomed and the rain beat against the walls of my castle…and yet, strangely, the sound of someone or something beating against the door was as clear as the chimes of a funeral bell.

Despite the warning sounding throughout my mind, I left my business of counting gold and answered the summons to my fate. As the door swung open before me, I could see the dragon before me on the concrete step. It was only a small creature, perfectly manageable. what could it hurt to bring it inside?

Yes, it was a dragon, but even a dragon deserved shelter from the elements. It was small, what could harm could it do? With this thought in my mind, I picked up the reptile and carried it into my home. As the evening passed, I continued counting my treasure. As I did, I found that the dragon was a wonderful companion. It enjoyed hearing my stories of that wicked fool who had offended me. I should have been suspicious when it affirmed everything that I had long suspected. But, like the fool I was, I carried on this dark train of thought. My enemy was worse than I had ever dared to imagine!

You know, it was funny, the longer I sat before that crackling fire and meditated on these dark thoughts, the larger the dragon seemed to grow. Its eyes flashed red as it eyed the gold running through my fingers. Its mouth encouraged me in my resentment and I drank in every word. Yes, like a drunk who has lost all self-control, I carried on in my mad indulgence…and soon the dragon had grown large enough to fill the entire banquet hall where I sat.

Fire flowed from its snout, consuming things that I had once treasured. I could see that even destroying all these things would not satisfy the beast. Still, I continued in my bitterness. Even the gold I loved had lost its power over me. I was focused on only one thing. The misdeeds of my enemy. I know that soon the dragon will consume me as well. That is why I have written these words. If you find this letter, I pray that you heed the warning that I did not.


“Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that.” -MLK.

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