I’ve Been Thinkin Bout That Thar Television

Bein a simple man I figured it was high time ta start watchin tv and get myself educated. Well, first thing I saw was people on the left yellin at people on the right, sayin they weren’t right. Then the people on the right went wanderin off into left field, kinda like a herd of cattle when they get spooked an start runnin without thinkin of where they’re goin. An the real funny thing was, they were all askin for my money so they could keep on fightin each other.

I thought it over for a spell then I gave ’em all a big donation, the way I figured it, if they’re all busy fightin and yellin at each other, they’ll leave us common folks alone.

Then there was that channel full of evangelists…an they all dressed up good I tell ya. That’s how I knew what they were sayin was the truth. They were askin for money too…just so they could keep the program goin an ask for money tomorrow an the next day too you understand. Well shoot, when I heard that…I just had ta send’em the rest of my money.

An as a thank you gift them preachers said they’d send me a booklet tellin me all the ways I could recognize false teachin. I’m sure that’ll make for some interestin readin durin the winter.

Anyway after all that, I found out that I’d run plumb outta money ta keep my television channels goin…next thing ya know all them channels were turned off, which actually turned out ta be the real blessin…cause, then I finally had the time ta read the good book for myself.

An in there I learned that the Good Lord has got a lot more things on his mind then just tryin ta get at my money. There’s even a place in there that says there’s nothin I can do to earn the Good Lord’s love and blessin…well, that sure was good news I tell ya, cause when it comes ta money I ain’t got none left.

I guess I’m just not that educated compared ta most other folks, but I finally figured out that I’m better off puttin my faith in what the Good Lord has ta say rather then gettin carried away with all them things those well dressed fellas on the television were always yellin about…

Ya know, it’s kinda nice havin peace an quiet. I can think now, an I kinda like it. I guess that’s the happy endin to my story…I hope it blesses ya…

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