Looking Back > Moving Ahead

Photo by Masha Demyanko on Pexels.com

If we look at history

we see that North America is far better than it used to be

food is there if we want it

education is available if we work at it

no one is freezing to death

in their little house on the prairie

still, our people are colder than ever

angry and bitter words are the junk food

that we pretend is cultured

soundbites and tweets are the news

we are feeding on that only leave us hungry

for real information

while parts of Africa

that celebrities told us needed saving

are rising

on a tide of free thinking

to overlook the west

that is sinking

in a sea of self obsession

and confusion

if looking at our navel leaves us depressed

maybe we need to change where we are looking

many of us don’t want to change our thinking

but we need the Spirit of hope blowing

revival through our lives

if being richer than most of the people in the world hasn’t already made us happy

will a little more really make us happier

(oddly, when it comes to happiness, many of the poor are)

maybe we need to stop thinking of reasons

we can’t do something

and start thinking of ways that we can

finding our reason for living is a life changer

maybe we need to stop complaining about what the others are doing

and reviewing the history of all that they have done

and start working on a legacy

that our own descendants will be proud to look back on

anyone can make themselves look good

but true goodness is seen in what they have actually done

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