Our History/Our Future

You never know what effect your small actions, done in love, will have over time.

The founder of Manitoba, the province where I live, is still a figure of debate. Louis Riel was not a perfect human being, that is clear. However, if we are honest with ourselves, are we not much the same? Aren’t we also a mixture of foolish ideas and bad? (What would your spouse say?)

Having done a study of Riel and the Metis people that he led, I think over all, they did well for our Province of Manitoba. For example, as Manitoba was being created, Riel insisted that Manitoba have equal treatment/laws for both Catholics and Protestants, in fact, for all peoples. Historians feel that the wisdom and foresight Riel displayed in this action helped to prevent the new province of Manitoba from descending into civil war.

One law for all the people. This is still a radical idea today by the sound of it. Still, it is better than having a war. Isn’t it?

If for this idea alone, I believe that Louis Riel and the Metis deserve recognition.

Like us, the people who have gone before us were flawed, however, wouldn’t it be better to study the good that they did accomplish?

Wouldn’t it be good to learn from the mistakes that may have been made so that we will not repeat them ourselves?

Like those who have gone before us, we have opportunities in our day to shape the world a hundred years from now. Isn’t that the bigger question? What will we do with the opportunities that Riel and many others have opened up for us through their efforts?

History generally isn’t kind to the ones who just drifted with the tide…the ones who just wanted to take it easy…the ones who just went along with the mob…

The people who are remembered (in a good way) are those who stood up from their position on the couch, spoke out against wrong doings, and took action to promote good.

Our ancestors built civilization from nothing, against all odds…today, what are we building? You know, compared to them, we have everything in the world to work with. Are we using these tools?

What will our own legacy be?

Happy Louis Riel Day from Manitoba, Canada.

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