1918 or 1914? (A Year Later)

Photo by Matthis Volquardsen on Pexels.com

What has been done in the past

is never as far away as we think

nothing is new

rivers go

to and fro

and the sun rises and sets

in daily cycles

like the humans

who revisit the vomit of past mistakes

and never reject the taste of bile

where is the longing for revival

the longing for the new

and the radical ideas of love


Last year around this time I wrote a blog post asking the question, are we in 1918 or 1914?

Basically, it was a reaction to the idea being trumpeted by some that we were facing a pandemic that was the same as the one in 1918-19. This has been proven false. However, I was wondering at the time if the times we were in were closer to 1914 than 1918. Why?

1914 saw the beginning of World War I. Really, the issues that lead to the war could have been solved by levelheaded leadership. If you look at the records of the time, no one really wanted a worldwide conflict. With cool thinking and competent leadership, this war could have been avoided. What happened instead?

A mass hysteria/mob-like mentality moving toward war. This propaganda said that this was for the greater good, it would be over in a few short months, and everyone needed to do their part. In fact, anyone who questioned or didn’t want to take part was labelled the enemy and shamed publicly.

Conceited and corrupt leaders fixated on old-fashioned ideas and mindlessly going back to them again and again despite their constant failure.

Massive government spending on the heroic struggle to save civilization.

Massive profits by big corporations who sold the tools for battle.

Determined suppression and manipulation of the truth by both big government and big business (for the common good of course.)

Politicians wanted power and big business wanted to do bigger business. It was a win win situation…except for the common people who sacrificed their lives and livelihoods for the glorious cause and were left with nothing for their efforts.

Are we in times like 1914? What do you think?

When World War I finally stumbled to an end and the bugle call of the last parade faded into the distance, people began to see that the glorious cause wasn’t what it was presented to be and the leaders who had been celebrated in the official propaganda were really only addled old men on an ego trip.

However, it was too late to regain what had been lost. The wealth in gold and men that had been exploded in the glorious struggle sure would have come in handy during the 1930s. But, it was too late to go back.

The war fever had broken but the harvest of madness would remain for years to come.

What would have happened if more people had questioned the war party line at the beginning?

What would have happened if other solutions had been explored rather than the most expensive and difficult one?

We’ll never know what might have happened then…but we can find out what might happen now.

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