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We can’t choose our history

we live with the consequences

of what was done back then

by people we never knew

by people whose stories make us nervous

because what they did

show us what we might do

some of them honored the laws of God

and some of them shook their fists

at everything good

the destroyer hunts us all

working through our secret desire

will we listen to the darker whisper

or will we take the road that is narrower

we can condemn what they did back then

but every day we face the temptation to do the same thing

we enjoy judging

we can laugh at the fools of the past

but one hundred years from today

what will people think of what we are doing now

to the world we are preparing to pass on

to the next generation

will we be in the realm of angels

will our work have crumbled

eaten away by the sin

we boasted that we would never allow in

that we would never be like the fools back then

the spotlights glow

and our stage is ready

well worn by the feet of actors

who have come and gone

what will we do

during our time to perform

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