Look Up (Redemption)

Photo by Shafi_fotumcatcher on Pexels.com

The world still has beauty for those with the eyes to see

the darkness is only a canvas for the light to paint its power

we still have opportunity

every moment we are given can still be invested for eternity

we may feel like a failure for what we’ve done

but it is amazing how the broken can be mended in the hands of a potter

the change that can come when the created embraces the love of the creator

in the eyes of God

even a sparrow has a special place in nature

if you feel worthless

surrounded and hopeless

take heart

maybe when you open your eyes

and look higher than yourself

you will see things far greater

then you have so far

maybe what was taken from your hands

was only to give you freedom to grasp something better

maybe the opportunity to receive grace

is a reason to have hope tomorrow

and forever

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