The Hungry Soul

Photo by Anni Roenkae on

There is so much information

but so little wisdom

and the soul is hungry

there are so many temptations

but so little satisfaction

and soul is thirsty

there are so many religions

with rituals to keep us working

but our relationship with the Creator remains broken

the earth has so much to offer

but everything it offers is dying

and the soul is craving a taste of life


and the end of toil

without purpose or meaning

if this world doesn’t satisfy

does that mean we are made for something more

if the soul is restless

does that mean it is possible to find rest

if lust is only an illusion that leaves us alone

does that mean that we can be embraced by the reality of love

if we are truly seeking the truth

we will find our savior at the door

and the sound of knocking

echoing through our home

the question is

are we seeking what the soul is craving

or are we chasing the illusions that leave us lost and searching

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