The Work of Fire

Photo by Pixabay on

The fire was dancing like a demon

consuming like a glutton

full of desire licking

at lips always dry with wanting

but never full


a war

like a graveyard

always has room for one more

still many have answered the call

to give up everything

in an attempt to quench the raging

flames festering

and flaring up in the heart of human civilizations

where fat old men have sold their souls

for just a little more power

and are willing to sacrifice their young to get some

of something that will not stop the craving

that terrible burning

that more things can never numb


the efforts of our firefighters should be remembered

self-sacrifice is the only water

to revive the ground that selfishness has blackened

is there a love that is greater

then what is seen in the one who would give their life for a friend


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