A History Lesson

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In the outrageous propaganda of old

we can see the benefit of a simple truth

in the policies of the past

we can see that their work of separation

destroyed more lives

then these laws of segregation were supposed to be saving

(a politician divides people into groups so that they can blame each other

for the mess they are in and not him)

in the rubble of war

we can see all the advantages of peace

far beneath the surface of dust

we can see the bones of a prideful politician

resting with all the fools that he despised

during their time of living

(turns out, it doesn’t matter what group you are in

the cemetery will end up with all of them)

at the graves of those who destroyed each other

we can see a better way to live

the mirror may have picked up a few spots of rust

but the glass still shows a reflection

a collection of flickering pictures showing what they did

and what will happen if we do what they were doing

(humans do the same things over and over

all the while boasting that they are smarter than people ever were before)

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