Wrestling With Grace

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on Pexels.com

The law says an eye for an eye

and a tooth for a tooth

but grace says forgive

karma says you will get exactly what you deserve

for everything you have done

but grace says you can have something better


following the rules can make us look righteous

even as we swell with pride

as we shun the sinner

but didn’t the most righteous man who ever lived

leave his home of perfection

to be born in a manger surrounded by the stench of animals

wasn’t his humble mission

to suffer at the hands of the prideful in order to offer salvation

to the worst of failures


if this is a portrait of divine grace

why are we still proudly exhibiting our stick figure drawings of segregation


Here is a short monologue I performed a few years ago. It was a controversial piece at the time. Still…I stick by what I said here. The situation I talk about was a hard one. The decision was tough. Yet, grace made all the difference. Check it out.

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