What Lies Ahead?

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

When we look ahead

do we see ourselves

stumbling along with the slaves

to the corporate empire

selling us fear to keep us poor

even as they grow ever richer

(but are they really rich

if they only have money

and grand ideas that will never save them)

when we look ahead do we see ourselves awaken

to a truth beyond ourselves

because only truth can give us salvation

and freedom

or do we see ourselves aging

becoming overweight and balding

as we remain wide eyed before the television

wearing a sign

that reads “soul for sale”

do we see ourselves wondering

where we went wrong

and why we laughed at the faith

that would have taken us further than we could have imagined

or do we see someone who invested every moment they were given

in someone other than them

and so experienced the richness that only a life of purpose can bring

do we see a worshiper of the system

or someone with the courage to stand alone

do we see a pair of unworked hands gripping nothing

or a pair of calloused hands overflowing with the harvest of the seeds they were planting

do we see the world changing us

or Jesus changing the world

what we see will depend on our choices as we move forward

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