Walking Through Grief

Photo by Askar Abayev on Pexels.com

Joyful moments


are frozen in a frame of colour


the laughter that we once shared

at the table of our communion

perhaps pain is only a sign that we loved

perhaps the love they gave is a sign that they lived

for more than themselves

and we cling to our book of photographs

as we stumble in their footsteps

and though our eyes are stained with memory

we follow the example they left for us

in the difficult hours


within the frame of film

where we are now living


In 2021 my brother-in-law lost a dear friend. The head of our local Palliative care program (someone I’ve known for a long time) lost someone to suicide. I made the video below in honour of those we lost. Let’s remember the happiness that they brought us.

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