The Only Thing Better Than Hate

Photo by Steve Johnson on

When fitting into the crowd is celebrated

even though the crowd is standing in a line up at Walmart

waiting for a cashier that is never going to come

a few rebels still wonder if the only thing better than this

is standing outside the corporation

when refusing to ask questions is presented as the answer

even though the most questionable people

are the ones are the ones who don’t like any questions

a few dissidents still wonder if the only thing better than this

is the free flow of truthful information

when the industry of war is presented as the glorious path to prosperity

at least for those selling us the weapons

we need to fill all our lives with pain

a few radicals still wonder if the only thing better than this

is to walk in the way of Jesus

when lives have no value in the dead eyes of experts

is it radical to recognize the value humans have in the gaze of the Creator

when political power is presented as the path to salvation

is it extreme to hope for something better

when priests of the system sing the praises of hatred (our new religion)

is it fanatical to look for something higher

when the rich dream of a utopia that can only come when they control us

is it outrageous to dream about a heaven that is more beautiful than this


when the pressure to conform to the madness is normal

maybe we need to be counted among the strange

the oddness that stains the lives of the sane

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