In Search of Better Art

Photo by Pixabay on

Humans may be hurling disgusting globs

of brown and black

against the blank canvas

of our lives

and our tendency is to focus

on the miserable paintings dominating our space

but that doesn’t change

the world of tiny beauty

that exists outside our narrow vision

the river of calming moments

that runs like a ribbon

through a meadow of grace

that quilt of nature

woven together

in ways we don’t quite understand

but we can find

if we look beyond the chaos

created by all those artists of noise

scratching out big ideas of war and destruction

ugly pictures that scream for our attention

when we could be looking for the beauty

in smaller things

like sparrows at rest

like life

outside the cheap frame

of the horrors these con artists are colouring

blood red

yes we could be looking in a more reputable gallery

that one just outside the city

and industry of violence and madness

you know the one

the one that still displays the masterpiece of the master

that brilliant portrait of a creator’s love

that will bring healing to our soul

and cleanse our minds

of the images

and the twisted statues

we’ve been given

to hang in our home

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