The Garden of Truth

Photo by Rene Asmussen on

We can fill our heads with knowledge

but our hearts still feel the ache of emptiness

that haunts a lot

where nothing grows

we can say all the words that win the approval of the crowd

but in reality we have no idea how to walk with someone through their pain

and so we find ourselves sitting alone

surrounded by a hedge of dollar store flowers

we can wear the suit that looks good behind a pulpit

but we can’t fit our feet into the humble shoes that Jesus wore

and the naked truth is that we aren’t fully dressed

exposed in a plastic garden of our own creation

entangled with artificial colours that look like they are living

but pale in comparison to plants that are really growing

powered by the Spirit and the sun

and if we were to face the truth about our haven

we have created a vineyard with an appearance of life

but without the scent of divine breath

or the fruit that can only come from branches

that are actually attached to the main vine

the rows of grapes

that can only grow from water living within

drawn from roots

drinking from a deeper spring

and if we are honest we know there is something

that we can’t create

through our effort

and we are craving something real

something beyond words saying how good we feel

even as we wrestle with the consequences of creating our own world

where nothing is allowed

except what we can understand

and what we can control

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