As Seasons Turn

Photo by Pixabay on

In the season of ice and suspicion

that curse our winter of conflict

it is easy to wonder about the hope

that the prophets used to proclaim

the gospel of a new life that we could grasp

if only we would turn

away from the storm of cold that we say we love

is redemption real

can we invite it in

is it only a figment of our imagination

when the blizzard of bitterness

is replaced by the peace of summer

will we see it

when a life is caressed by the sun

after a January of rage

will we feel it

when the spirit wind blows away the old season

to replace it with the songs of salvation

will our lives show any evidence of change

like a park reveals

what was seeded there in spring

what will our lives unveil

as we grow


The Mobile Stage was rented recently. Here is a band singing a couple of old spirituals on it.

Check it out if that interests you.

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