Canada (Where Are We?)

Photo by Andre Furtado on

Some think that we are the smartest generation

the wisest humans who have ever lived

but are we that much better than those who have gone before

have we achieved anything that will live on beyond our lives

or do we have a society that does nothing

except complain about those who have done something

a glorious system that has crowned itself as morally superior

while hating every neighbour

that has a different opinion

than the lies it has chosen to believe in

are we living for anything greater than ourselves

are we building anything

that the ones who come after us

can build upon

or are we simply burning down

all the beautiful things that have been done

because we are ugly with envy

and can’t stand anything

that will show who we really are

the truth is our actions themselves are revealing

will the future laugh at us

in the same way we laugh at those who have gone before

will the future shake its head

and wonder how we could have been so wrong

while thinking we were so right

once we pass on

we can no longer control the story

and the truth will be seen

in all its naked glory

When I study history, I’m struck by the level of determination some of these people had to make a new and better life for themselves. Granted, they weren’t all good old days. Some people did things that we can hope are never repeated. However, many people in the past sacrificed and gave generously to build up the communities we have today. Imagine leaving everything you knew and venturing out onto an open prairie where you had never been before…and hoping that you could create a home there. Imagine that the majority of what you had to eat came from the efforts of your own hands. Imagine spending every day in hard manual labour and spending the evenings volunteering to help build your community…and after all this, signing up for duty in the trenches of war when duty called. Why? Because you believed in a cause greater than yourself. This is what many people in the past did. Were they perfect? No. Do consequences of their mistakes linger? Yes. But, should we take for granted what they did achieve? Should we contemplate what we can learn from them? What we can do to build on the foundation that they have laid? Happy Canada Day eh?


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