The Wonderful Apocalypse!

Photo by Pixabay on

This will be a great leap forward for modern man!

we can be sure that the world will never be the same!

we are proud to say that we planned this all along!

brayed the media and/or the politician

(*there were no opinions presented from modern women

another troubling situation

we cannot address at this time)

in any case prime time was filled with fossilized old men

so we enjoyed listening to them

explain how this was for our own good

and even better for our children

the big event would be even better for the the planet

and everyone who said different

was an idiot

(*idiot being anyone who has an idea

and we don’t agree with them or it)

driven by the joy of propaganda

the idea that launching a missile

was just as special as Christmas

we spent our days making

billionaires just a little richer

and fighting with our neighbour

believe it or not

we even hated people we had never met before

even though we got nothing out of it

yeah we did the best we could

but I still wish I could’ve done so much more

but we had reached the date

the date we had been waiting for for so long

it was time to fire the environmental improvement bomb

there were protesters

to be sure

but did we listen

did we question

what was to be done


(we weren’t that dumb)

if anyone said anything other

than what we wanted to believe in

we censored them

and then we sang along

with the official theme song

how could we do anything else

our leader was so handsome

up there behind the podium

selling us a story about the greatness of war

yes our leader was so convincing

as he assured us that what we were going to do would never lead to armageddon

this was a truth that all the experts had all agreed upon

were the words that echoed through the air as his finger pressed the big red button

activating the most peaceful weapon

our world had ever known

and just like that we were gone

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