How Do We Look at the World?

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We can say all sorts nice things.

We can say we believe in all kinds of teachings.

But how do we really look at the world?

Putting self first changes things. Serving becomes self-serving. Righteousness becomes self-righteousness.

Is everything about us? Or is there a God beyond us and our selfish desires?

If we believe that there is a God and other humans are made in the image of God, would that change the way that we behave?

If we truly believe that other people have value…then, wouldn’t we treat them as if they have value? Wouldn’t we treat them with respect?

We wouldn’t abuse them and abandon them.

We wouldn’t lie to them.

We wouldn’t waste their time by showing up late (or not at all.)

We would keep our promises.

We would own up to the mistakes that we have made and wrongs we may have done to others and try to resolve them.

We would work to build people up instead of tearing them down.

It is said that the greatest commandment is to love God and following that to love your neighbor as yourself.

If we say that we love God. Why do we hate and abuse the humans that God has made?

Would society be better off if we looked past ourselves and started looking out for each other?

Would our communities be better off if we treated other people as if they had value in the eyes of God?

Can we really be called people of vision, if we can’t see past our own nose? (and the hairs we see there that need to be clipped? 🙂

How do we look at the world?

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