Life (On the Bandwagon)

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The bandwagon

is painted in all the colours

of the world

and is full of drunken riders

as it veers

and lurches through the town

filling the air with all the screeching

and burping

that come naturally

to a band where everyone blows their own horn

without bothering to tune

or ensure that they are all playing from the same page

do we really need to be in the same key

to communicate

the melody of a song

do we really need harmony

to persuade an audience

that we know what we are doing

there is a simple rule for the simple

the less we know

the louder we need to be

to project an air of authority

and we are the loudest act around

clashing cymbals

and banging gongs

are all we need

to pretend that we still know the original meaning of love

but who needs love

when we can see a far greater vision


the perfect perfect place for us to play!


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