Facing the Enemy

Photo by Prince Photos on Pexels.com

Could it be that I am more than a number

in the system of the beast

could it be that I am a human

made for something more

than to squeal in the machine of industry

do I really want to hear beautiful music

and to feel the joy of love

deep down I know that it can be found

there must be a higher purpose

than to sit idle and swallow

the gruel of hopelessness

that I am spoon fed

and to keep me stumbling

on a hamster wheel

that gets me no where

do I really want the truth that will set me free

to live at peace

in the divine light of grace

I know that I am supposed to love war

but why should I hate my neighbour

who looks a lot like me

in his eyes I can see the same pain

that hunts my sanity

the aching

the craving to be known

and to know

the author of our existence

in his eyes I can see the same hunger

for eternity

could it be that this dissatisfaction

with the world where we are living

is a sign

written deep within

that we were designed for heaven

not this hell we are fighting for


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