What Makes the World Turn?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It is hard to deny that there are issues

but when the solutions

are always things that make the corporations a little richer

and their political faces a little more power

is it any wonder

that the problems presented by them never really end

whatever happened to the teenager trying to earn enough

to build a home for the family she always dreamed of

even though she barely has enough to eat

where did that child go

who fell into depression after being locked in

by the ones who said that children were healthier without freedom

does anyone remember the father

who gave his life to a war

created to sell ammunition

was saving the world

really about getting a good financial year end

to present at the share holders meeting

did anyone notice

that the people telling us to drive a yaris

to save the environment

were the ones dropping the bombs that killed all the fish

who knows the answers

can we ever find them

if we aren’t allowed to question


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