Throwing Pebbles

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on

There are giants

in the land

stomping and roaring

imposing their ideas of utopia by force

but is it really utopia if the citizens have to be forced into it

are they really giants of love

if they are willing to destroy everything that we need to live

there are children in the world

grasshoppers in the sight of the towering blasphemers

looking for another insect to crush

children who are innocent of the pen of bland conformity

that they are being herded into

but is the important thing what we are fighting with

or who we are fighting for

who could defeat a child of the creator of worlds

even if they are only throwing pebbles

at the hulk of Goliath

like a David

facing a mocker of God

throwing pebbles

is a only small thing

but it is something

more than nothing

a little something

that could change everything


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