In Shadows

Photo by Eric Smart on

It was a society of class

and expert opinions

that blocked their way to a future

reserved for the powerful and the better

and so they set sail across

the great ocean of the unknown

it was the growling

of a demanding stomach

that drove them into the into the lineup

of all those volunteering for the war

that would give them something to eat

and even more to die for

we like to think that we are smarter than they were

but could we lift the weight of the lives they lived

it was all those dirty hands of the common men

and women

that worked themselves into the ground

to plant a seed of hope

for all those

who would follow them

today we stand in a forest of black shadows

cast by those who have gone before

we have forgotten the dry years of their lives

and the tears

that were the only reward for their struggle

we barely remember the price that they paid for freedom

still we aren’t afraid to question

the wisdom of all the things that they have done


An interview I did about a local veteran.


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