We’re On The Right Track!

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

The good thing about experts

is that we don’t have to think for ourselves

we can get our thinking done by people who don’t do anything

but think

(*the more someone knows

the less they have to do

which is why those who know everything

do nothing)

the good thing about politicians

is that we have no end of ideas to believe in

so many great reasons

to fight with our families and neighbours

(*if you don’t agree with me

you my friend

are the enemy)

the good thing about television

is that we can make decisions

whose consequences will last a lifetime

based on thirty seconds of visual stimulation

(*click like below

if you support _________insert the latest thing________)

the good thing about a battlefield

is that we have a place to send the young

where they are too busy to notice

the corruption of the old

(*fighting also makes for more exciting television)

the good thing about censorship

is that we can only hear one side of the story

the side that is strong enough to shut everyone else down

and no one with that sort of power has ever lied…yet


the good thing about corporations

working to save the world

that would be better off if they left it alone

isn’t the profit

(*trust me, it is something other than profit

hmm I just can’t think of it

maybe I need to consult an expert)


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