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Small talk doesn’t become great

just because there is more of it

bad ideas don’t get better

the more people that believe them

we don’t get more time on earth

just because we spent some of it living in fear

the in crowd doesn’t get any less crowded

by forcing everyone into the same tiny box

the pursuit of safety keeps us where we are

but it doesn’t give us the greater rewards of adventure

where will be ten years from now

if we keep on walking the path we are on

will anything be left of us

if we keep on letting ourselves go


Ten years from now, they’ll still be there at the Comfort Inn…sitting around the well-worn table of small talk, telling the same old stories of missed chances and lost opportunities, running down the people who still dare to do something…but, life can be more than this. Take a chance. Take a risk and step out beyond the mire of small talk about petty feuds…set aside the small things so that your hands can grasp the great things…don’t settle for the status quo, settle the feuds that can be settled so that your mind is free to consider greater truths. Turn off the screens of pornography and escapism…and discover the time to pursue real relationships and honest adventure. Put down the bottles of addiction and pick up new opportunities to pursue God’s purpose for your life. Don’t lower the target to make it easier to hit. Aim higher. People may mock you for it. Don’t be discouraged. If they are talking behind your back, that just means that you got ahead of them. Keep your gaze on the goal and keep going…

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