Photo by Frank Cone on

A sky bruised blue and black

filled with glowing trails of white

like a thousand angels as they fell

She stumbled

after leaving the city

but a step away from a city about to burn

is still a step ahead

the white waterfall of wrath

turned orange

as the flames of consequence burned their way down

to the end of time

She began to run

toward her saviour

the one who called her out

from all that was prophesied to come

she tore her feet bloody

on the path strewn with boulders

and the shattered bodies of trees

thrown thrown there by the explosion

as the lake of fire splashed against the ground

a sea of liquid lava washed up against the shore of the mountain

shaking everything

she looked back to see the city sinking

in a whirlpool of rage and smoke

but there were fingers wiping

away her tears

and so she turned away from all that she had lost

toward the saviour who had told her the truth

about the world

and the sort of love

that could be felt in the heartbeat against her chest

as he drew her close

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