Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Is there a God

is God love

if God is love

would He send anyone to Hell

these are the questions that echo through the university

I call the life I live

what lingers after the end of the semester

will any memory live on of my current time

I may imagine so many ideas

to sincerely believe

and to die for

but do any of these ideas really matter

I may believe that I can fly

but even if I sincerely believe it

what will happen

after I leap off the roof

is gravity judgmental

if I am the one who chose to defy it

will my head ache

after a night of self indulgence

even if I say that I am fine

as tears trickle down my face

do troubles prove that God doesn’t exist

does the fact that I allow trouble in the lives of those around me

prove that I don’t

what if hell is the prison where I will stay

if I refuse to accept my pardon and walk through the open door to heaven

(if I won’t move on

do I have a right to complain that I am where I am)

what if consequences are what come

after breaking the laws

of the natural order

what if the grace of God is seen in the beauty

that still exists in the world

despite of everything that humans have broken

what if love is proven

by the opportunity for redemption


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