Witness Statement

Photo by Dominika Kwiatkowska on Pexels.com

It was easy to see that something was wrong

in the dents

and shattered glass

scattered around the wreck

I could see that the driver and the passenger were still there

trapped in a prison of tortured metal

arguing about whether to change the radio station

so I walked over and offered to help

but they said no

the war was going fine without me

and started to debate

the best colour of automotive paint

and I couldn’t help but wonder if it all started when a mind wandered away from the road

and a pair of eyes followed

it is hard to see love

in a life that has lost focus

was all this rage about how to colour over the damage relevant

when the wheels of the car have fallen off

and rolled to bottom of the hill

they are about to tumble down

even as I watched it happen

I couldn’t help but wonder

when did this accident begin


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