Is Love a Weapon?

Photo by Git Stephen Gitau on

We can look at history

and we see a history of breaking

or being broken

we can look at each other

and we see another face lined with pain

with tears waiting to be dried

but does the future have to be this way

is love only a weapon to use

to harm yourself or someone else

is true love only built on truth

that I find beyond myself

does it always have to end in heartbreak

if I really know the love of God

will it change who I am

so that I am willing to love you more

if you are willing to look higher

will it change who you are

so that you can love me despite of who I am

and as we join in this struggle

will we form a union greater

than two people

broken by imperfection

as we find healing

can we help others find the same thing

will this be a happy ending

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