A Violent Winter. Scene Twelve.

black and white cold fog forest

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The sound of approaching hooves pounded in her head as she worked.

Loosening the knot was proving more difficult than she thought.

Waves of pain made it difficult to concentrate. Still, Selena forced her fingers to continue working. Wiggling. Prying at the knotted wire.

Jamie was screaming now. Slamming into the ground must have broken something. Yet, if she failed in her current work, more people would suffer.

The wire would tear through flesh like a knife through butter.

The posse was almost upon her.

A mass of heaving horses and shouting men.

She squelched a curse as she expended a final effort in an effort to save them.

A gasp fluttered from her lips as the wire fell to the ground. Just as the posse trampled by, intent on their pursuit of Jefferson and his men.

She ran toward the tiny figure of her son and pulled him into her arms.

A storm of gun fire erupted from somewhere close by. The posse had found the men they were looking for.

The whing and whine of bullets was intense. Cutting down the branches of the snow-covered trees that sheltered them.

Through tears of pain that blurred her eyes, Selena could see Jefferson creeping along the forest floor. Obviously, he was attempting to work his way around behind the mass of men who had confronted him.

A gentleman would never shoot an enemy in the back. However, Jefferson had never been a gentleman. If he won this battle and found that Selena had helped his enemies, he wouldn’t hesitate to attack a woman and a child either.

His wild blood shot eyes met hers for a moment. A smile crossed his face, revealing a mouth of bloodstained teeth. Then his hand was reaching forward, pulling him toward the huddled woman and child.

The posse continued the battle, unaware of this effort to work around them.

Selena scanned the surrounding forest, searching for some sort of weapon.

To be continued….

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