Our Uncomfortable History

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

There are men who have done good

creating flower beds

in the mud of human misery

illustrations of the grace of God

that guided their work


what we’ve done

as a human race

may make us nervous

it may even make us hide our faces

when we review the list of disgraces

the violence

the greed

the bloodshed

and the hatred

and far too much of it in the name of Jesus

and so we topple the statues

and so we stop teaching the subjects

and so we do anything we can to hide our history

because it is a mirror that shows us the enemy

the horrible truth we’d rather censor

the line between good and evil

that lies within the human creature

the danger

and the corruption they had back then

could be the pit into which we too could descend

if we refuse to learn

if we refuse to face the truth of what has been done

when we choose the easy decline of the broader way

instead of paying the price to walk the straight and narrow one

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