Looking for the Way Back

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

Sometime ago

sparks of life

radiated out into a void

and set about creating constellations

that could be turned into sculptures

in the human mind

the bear

and the corona borealis

all the designs of the universe point that back at something

does any one notice

does anyone ask the questions

what is the message we were written

on the letterhead of space

if there is a design

who is the designer

what keeps the stars sailing on their correct courses

who set fire to the sun that lights the celestial sea

where is the bridge that leads over the chasm of earth

toward the sky

radiating with a trillion or more sparks of light

where did they all come from

these fireflies that dance like flames over our heads

where do these life lines

trace their paths back to

what is the way there

to the truth

to the source


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