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What did we hear as the year passed us by

other than the broken record of fear

scratching at our ear and scraping away the paint of our car

was there any melody worth remembering

a baseline worth tapping along with

a memory that lights up the jukebox in our eyes

what did we learn as the moments fell from our faces

giving way to the age lines of worry

did we do any growing

(other than growing older)

did we grow closer to Jesus

or have we started sneaking off with the devil

did we learn our lesson

or will we have to take the same tests again

as we look to the horizon

will we do the same thing

we see back there in the reflection of where we’ve been

or will we turn the key in the ignition and drive on


Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my writings. I’m glad you are here! Speaking of looking in the rearview mirror. Here is a brief look at some show business I’ve been involved with in 2021.

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